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New Home Closing

Plan your closing day. A new home purchase shouldn’t be a panic, arrange everything in advance. To make the transaction go smoothly, it is very important that the buyer is properly prepared. Plan in advance and keep communication open with your bank and your lawyer. They can direct you.
• Your lender will provide the mortgage money to your lawyer at close.
• You must provide the rest of the purchase price to your lawyer as well as the closing costs at close.
• Your lawyer ensures clear title, pays the person who is selling the house, registers the home in your name, and then gives you the deed and keys to your new home.

Here’s a checklist if you are buying:

  1. Make sure you have arranged for your lawyer to handle the transfer of the house.
  2. Make sure you have contacted utilities (i.e. electricity, gas, water, cable etc) prior to closing to arrange for services.
  3. Make sure you have arranged for insurance on your new home.
  4. Make sure you arrange for the moving company.
  5. If unsure, ask your lawyer/bank/builder for instruction.
Ask your builder, bank or Lawyer if in doubt.