New Home Builds - New Home Construction Near You

Resale versus New Homes

Should you buy new or a resale home? About 25% of all homes are new construction, about 75% are resales of existing homes.

New Home Builds/Communities offer:

  • Choice of Design
  • Choice of Builder
  • Modern in layout and design
  • Designed/Planned Communities
  • Warranties
  • New Schools for your children
  • Typically more children and younger families
  • Typically in city Suburbs of urban centers.

Established Home Communities (resales) offer:

  • Often Bigger Lots
  • Mature Trees (Trees kissing from one side of the street to the other)
  • Established Neighborhoods
  • Typically older families in the neighborhood, mostly grown children
  • Historic architecture and construction (e.g. Victorian Homes)
  • Usually closer to city core

The choice is up to you. Visit both resales and new homes in your hunt and make the decision that is right for you!